Advocacy & Action for Children

Our Background

Joy for Children-Uganda (JFCU) is a non-profit children’s rights centre and non-governmental (NGO) organization established in Kampala in 2005 to respond to the plight of vulnerable children in Uganda. Dedicated to working with children, families and communities to end injustice to children, JFCU attained NGO status in 2006 (registration number S. 5914/6687 under the NGO Act of 1989 of the Republic of Uganda).

Through human-rights-based initiatives designed to meet the needs of children, JFCU addresses issues that have plagued war-ravaged Uganda, such as:

• Violence against children, including neglect, abuse, exploitation and child labour
• Child marriage
• Poor education and illiteracy
• Familial conflict
• Poverty
• Poor health due to HIV/AIDS, malaria and malnutrition
• Sub-standard sanitation, water and food security


JFCU advocates for and supports the rights and needs of children affected by all forms of violence and/or whose right to education has been denied. Special attention is given to children heading households and those affected by child marriage and armed conflict.


JFCU envisions all children in Uganda enjoying their rights, being protected and cared for, and having equal opportunities to realize their full potential. We aim to be a well-known, well-connected child rights advocacy and action centre delivering high-impact services for children in Uganda.

Objectives of JFCU: 

• To increase awareness of children’s rights and violence against children
• To create strong community structures working to end violence against children
• To hold authorities responsible for taking action to prevent violence against children
• To ensure equal access to education for all children—without discrimination based on religion, tribe, sex, etc.—leading to an increase in the number of children attending and graduating from school
• To foster a child-friendly, high-quality learning environment at school
• To promote household food security and improve the nutritional and economic status of children in Uganda
• To provide legal support for children, while working with families and local organizations and government officials to ensure that children’s legal rights are observed and enforced
• To carry out intensive public education and mobilization campaigns on children’s right to education; child marriage; child labour, abuse, neglect, and other forms of violence against children; HIV/AIDS, malnutrition and malaria control; and reproductive and family health

Our Core Values: 

In order to realize our mission, vision and objectives, JFCU believes certain values and principles must be upheld. These include:

• Dedication to working with and for children in Uganda
• Commitment to creating impact and positive results
• A strong community foundation for our activities
• Transparency and accountability
• Creativity, innovation and ongoing learning
• Efficiency and sustainability of programs
• Teamwork within JFCU and constructive partnerships with other organizations


Advocacy & Action for Children
Working Together to End Injustice to Children in Uganda